What happens if I don’t like the print and/or frame I received?
I offer a 30 day money back or replacement guarantee for everyone. If you decide you need to return the print, you can contact me within 30 days of placing your order and I will work with you on refunding or reprinting  the order as necessary.

What happens if the print and/or frame is lost or damaged during shipping?
Print’s being lost or damaged during shipping is rare however it does happen on occasion (less than 1% of orders). If this occurs, please contact me by e-mail on hello@martillavina.com or by my contact page so that we can make arrangements as required. In some instances of damaged prints, UPS will pickup the damaged print so make sure to make it available in the original package for pickup by UPS. With lost prints, I may require an additional several days depending on the time frame the order was shipped in the instance an order is running late or transit information has not been updated by the courier.

How will I know when you have shipped and order?
Whenever I ship an order I will send an e-mail notice to the e-mail address you provided with the information.

If you have any other doubts, please, contact me on hello@martillavina.com.